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Meet our Yeti System

Meet our Yeti system yeti

  • YETI is a unique software developed in house specially for insurance broker needs.

  • YETI works for  you, you can easily find anything! Do not worry about paperwork, take care about your business!

  • YETI is designed as a transparent environment where you find your way easily. Offering simple, intuitive operation, with a single click you can get anywhere you need.

  • YETI is free, you pay no setup nor maintenance licensing costs. You do not need any installation, you can immediately work on any PC, smartphone and tablet with Internet access.

Client file always with you

  • YETI automatically organizes all communications and documents in a client file, all documents and materials are available immediately online.
  • YETI archives for you documents as required by the Act and the law.
  • You have with you  all the necessary information: emails, letters, dates of meetings, all contacts, reported damage, booking, documentation and inventory.
  • With Yeti calendar you can organize your day and manage your meetings with your clients and colleagues.

Money under control

  • YETI system ensures transparent commission system that you control anytime.
  • you can see not only past payments, but also the expected commission, immediately when client paid
  • You can always extract your complete history and documents for accounting purpose
  • perfect overview over the current revenue stream, you see all changes immediately
  • You can get reports of your sales production and see portfolio structure