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INSIA advantages

With us you will get...
  • Top support from headquarters specialists
  • Access to exclusive conditions and products with more than 100 insurance companies
    access to full wording of contracts with insurance companies
  • Access to professional education and training
  • Marketing support
  • Opportunity to use expert knowledge of other INSIA and Marsh specialists
  • YETI a simple and efficient software for your work, more details at yeti.eu
  • Cross boarder connections which will help you to service your client around all INSIA countries


You can reach...
  • High standards and bonus commissions
  • New business opportunities
  • Cross sell opportunities with MMC clients portfolio
  • Strong market position to negotiate on behalf of your client


Our way to success...
  • Transparency in remuneration - the more we earn, the more we share
  • Sharing experience with other members and MMC
  • Non-competitive clause for all members, your portfolio will always remain yours
  • You set your goals and performance targets
  • You are independent in daily operations
  • You represent a strong and reliable brand