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Local sales and marketing is key to success of any franchise business 

Wear more hats

As an employee you'll be used to account people looking after the books, personal assistants handling the filing and appointments, warehouse staff accepting deliveries, etc. As a franchise owner, you'll need to wear different hats and have to do everything yourself, from accounts and customer records to settling, marketing and invoicing your clients. So make sure you take advantage of the franchisor's centralized resources to avoid duplicating tasks.

Follow the system
Unlike starting a standalone enterprise, when buying into a franchise you need to follow the franchisor's business model, as it's a proven system. The best franchisees are typically those who commit to implementing the system, while the worst are those who think they have a better approach and want to try their way first. Customers have certain expectations of the brand and you should deliver them.

Lear to sell
Local sales and marketing is key to the success of any franchise business and it's an area where few franchisees have previous experience. lt's important the franchisor provides first class support in this area, including workshops on converting customer enquiries to appointments and sales.

Start networking
One of the beauties of being a franchisee with an exclusive sales area is that you sell the same product as fellow brand franchise owners, to the same demographic, without actually competing. So you can exchange market intelligence, obtain useful sales and marketing tips and compare performance with similar territories.There's also a same demographic, without actually competing. You can exchange market intelligence, obtain useful sales and marketing tips and compare performance with similar territories. There's also a franchise support team to keep you in the loop and pass on practical advice.

Stay optimistic
Having made the transition from employee to franchisee, it's important to remain positive and not allow concerns to build up.The franchisor is there to support you and attending business workshops and training courses will help you see how fellow franchisees are tackling the problems you encounter. Remember too that Entreprenuers are consistently recognised as the happiest people on the planet.