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Principles of using cookies

This Cookies Policy covers the information practices of websites that link to this Cookie Policy (each referred to as a “Site”).  The data controller of this website is INSIA a.s., member of Unilink SA, whose registered number is 4803 4479 and whose registered office is:

INSIA a.s.
Vinohradská 2828/151
130 00 Prague 3
Czech Republic

2. Cookies are small text files that websites can use to improve the user experience. You can find more information about cookies here.

3. Cookies help us to browse websites faster and more efficiently and adapt the display of products and other content to the individual interests and specific needs of the User. Cookies are used to compile anonymous aggregate statistics that allow us to understand how Users use the Website, to optimize its structure and content, as well as to provide certain features of the Site and to personalize ads.

4. The site collects information about the user's IP address (i.e. a number that uniquely identifies the user's network interface on the computer network), his domain name and the type of his browser and operating system. This data is used by the company to compile statistics analyzing site usage and ad personalization.

5. Cookies are divided into so-called first-party cookies (they come directly from us) and third-party cookies (issued by another entity).

6. Cookies are divided into two types in terms of validity - "session" and "persistent". Session cookies are only temporary and remain stored on the user's device until they log out of the website or close the application (web browser). On the other hand, persistent cookies remain in the user's device either for the period defined in the parameters of the given cookie, or until the user deletes them himself before the expiration date.

We use the following cookies on our website:

  • Required cookies 
    We use these cookies to ensure the basic functions of the website (eg secure login and use, remembering the order).
  • Functional cookies
    These cookies allow you to analyze the use of the website, so you can measure and improve its performance.

How you can disable the use of cookies or reject interest-based targeting

If you don’t wish to allow the use of cookies, you can deactivate them using your browser settings. In some browsers, you can set cookie management rules for individual websites, which will give you more precise control over your privacy. Please note, however, that not all browsers across all platforms may support this feature.

Browser manufacturers provide help on how to manage cookies in their products. Below you will find relevant links to major browsers:

For other browsers, please use the documentation provided by your browser manufacturer.

To avoid using Google Analytics on all sites, please visit this page.

You can opt out of interest-based targeting provided by participating ad servers through the following tools:


Here's how to set interest-based online ads to appear on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device:

  • IOS devices: Go to Settings> Privacy> Advertising> Enable Restrict Ad Tracking. Please note that if you use more than one device, you must log out separately for each device.
  • Android devices: Follow the instructions at this address.

Please note that if you use more than one device, you must log out separately for each device.

Please note that if you disable cookies, our website may not function properly or at all, or your access to our website and its functions may be affected or restricted.

Further information on the processing of personal data within our services, including a list of your rights and contacts for sending requests and questions, can be found in the Terms & Conditions.


Registration Information

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