“INSIA and AIG have a longstanding, successful collaboration in the Czech Republic. INSIA provided us the capacity to access broker networks and retail markets in an efficient way through a single point of contact. INSIA also helped us to develop those markets through joint projects, innovative products and excellent marketing tools. By combining this with INSIA’s strong business integrity, superb customer service and strong collaboration within the insurance community, INSIA became a key business partner for AIG.“




"I am pleased to confirm, that we have a long-term successfull cooperation with INSIA, independent financial intermediary. Reasons for INSIA’s success is a clear vision and strategy, commitment to the highest ethical business standards and to the satisfaction of their customers, innovative approach to the product development and stabile management, that all has made INSIA respected player in the Czech market." 




"INSIA a.s. is one of the important business partners of Česká podnikatelská pojišťovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group, especially in the retail insurance. Our business relationship started more than 13 years ago and have been permanently systematically developed since then. What we highly appreciate about INSIA is how they care of our mutual clients with expertise and professionalism as satisfying them is our highest priority."




"Generali has a long-term relationship with INSIA. Over the years INSIA has proved itself as a reliable, innovative and valuable business partner, which shows continuous successful growth, provides quality service to its clients and works effectively with insurers and its franchisees.Thanks to its innovative technology which is continuously upgraded, INSIA is also the leading innovator on the insurance market co-operating on development of the insurance products, educating the intermediary market and taking part in the market initiatives." 




"I am delighted to confirm on behalf of QBE Insurance (Europe) Limited, the Czech Republic branch, that we highly value our long-term cooperation with INSIA, the largest independent insurance intermediary firm in the Central & Eastern Europe.Over the years INSIA has grown into one of the leading and most successful financial services company in the CEE region. Reasons for INSIA’s success are their innovative approach to the product development, adherence to the highest ethical business standards and commitment to constantly improve client satisfaction and servicing quality.In case of INSIA, we know that our new or existing customers will be approached or serviced in a most professional way and therefore we are honoured to be one of INSIA’s business partners."




"For our Company the INSIA Brand has been synonymous for many years with professionalism, reliability and a sense of purpose. Also notable is the frequent participation of INSIA in the development of new modern insurance products required and demanded by our current customers. INSIA = community of motivated and motivating insurance intermediaries."