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Our Vision

  • We want to be recognized as a leading European professional intermediary;
  • Provide the best services and environment to our partners and their clients;
  • To continuously develop  sophisticated and efficient IT solutions covering all process from front end, placement, product comparison, quotes managing, CRM and commission settlement;
  • Achieve 10,000+ members across Europe within 7 years;
  • Help our members to grow by providing them tools, support, leadership, products, leverage and know how;
  • Be an Employer where people like to work, develop their skills and language ability in the atmosphere of entrepreneurship, teamwork, spirit and sharing our experience, success and mistakes;
  • Manage a healthy company and drive profitable growth for our shareholders
  • Conduct  business that is fully compliant with all relevant legislation, ethical principles and compliance requirements;
  • Use our know how to be socially responsible and be responsible to the environment;
  • Become a brand of  first choice, a symbol of quality and reliance.